5 Best Foldable Smartphones in 2019


Technology has really advanced over the years and we have witnessed great revolutions as far as smartphones are concerned. However, 2019 is taking shape as the year when foldable smartphones will be unveiled. In fact, there is a company that has already released a foldable smartphone!

Fast forward, major players in the smartphones industry have also been left behind because there have been rumors that there are incredible foldable smartphones that will be launched soon. It is important to note that these smartphones will not come cheap. For example, there have been speculations that a Samsung foldable smartphone could cost up to $2,500! In this list we have included folded phones that have already been launched and those we are still expecting in 2019:

I. Samsung Galaxy Fold

This foldable smartphone will be launched in April 2019 and it will have a 7.3 – inch screen that will fold itself when you want to put it into your pocket. The phone will cost about $1,980 but with all the features and tech, it will be worth the money. According to Samsung, if you want to, you can run 3 apps simultaneously on the Fold. In addition, if you are running an app on the front of the device, the app will switch to the middle of the device when you open it out. Other features include:
• High-end processor of 12 GB RAM and 512 GB internal storage
• A triple lens with a 16MP+12MP+12MP rear camera
• The battery will be 4,380 mAh – it will be split into two because of the fold

II. Huawei Mate X

Huawei Mate X folds by wrapping the screen around the outside, unlike Samsung Galaxy Fold which folds the screen on the inside. When you open the device out, you will be having an 8-inch tablet but when you fold it you will have rear and front screens. In addition, the device has grip holding the camera technology to stand out from other foldable smartphones released in 2019. If you are asking yourself what’s more, then here are some other features that might impress you. Huawei Mate X have premium specs including Kirin 980 processor and it offers 5G network connectivity. If you are thinking that the device is thick you are wrong because the smartphone might be very thin. As a result of its features and premium specs, Huawei Mate X will be costing about $2,299.

III. Motorola RAZR Foldable Smartphone

Motorola Razr was launched in 2004 and it became a hit instantly. However, after some time, other smartphones were released and the Razr lost its market. Despite new updates, Motorola Razr did not pick up and it hasn’t received any updates yet. However, according to recent news and updates, Lenovo (the company that owns Motorola) is planning to revive the Razr brand with a smartphone that has a foldable screen. The smartphone might cost somewhere around $1,500 although that’s speculation and nothing has been confirmed yet.

IV. Xiomi MIX Flex

There was a video that was released by the co-founder and the president of Xiomi (Lin-Bin) in his Weibo account. Although the video had a low resolution, one could see the foldable smartphone having minimum bezels and looks thin. In addition, it had a double foldable smartphone form factor i.e. the screen can be folded twice. This is one of the features that make the device thin and effective to carry and use. It is important to note that, probably the folded screens at the back might be disabled to save battery and prevent ghost touches if one is using the device when folded. However, this has not been confirmed and no one knows for sure. We will have to wait and see what will happen in the future.

V. LG Foldable Smartphone

Normally, when it comes to electronic devices, LG and Samsung are fierce competitors and that’s good for business because consumers get top-notch products. As a result, LG is also planning to launch its foldable smartphone and most likely it will fold just like Samsung i.e. horizontally. Little is known about this device because LG has promised to take their time and make a high-quality product that will take the market by storm. It might be expensive but we will have to wait and see what will happen after the launch.

It is evident that 2019 will feature the first foldable smartphones in history. If you are looking to buy one, you need to start saving because these phones will be very expensive after they are released. Finally, you can expect other smartphone manufacturers like OPPO and Apple to join the race and launch their foldable smartphones too.

April 22, 2019